June 12, 2010

Take It Easy

I am finding that, for me, getting back on the bike is a lot more simple with an end goal in mind.  Thank goodness for Jay who conjures up all sorts of motivators to help me stay consistent with my plan.  Of key importance right now is to start back at a lower intensity to build my aerobic base and teach my body to burn the right fuel for endurance riding, i.e. fat vs. carbs.  It’s also a great way to keep lean, too.

For us folks in the prep phase, it’s better to begin building the aerobic base at a lower intensity, keeping trainings to 60 minutes or so with your heart rate at a relatively low level… I’m using the 180 minus my age as a guide.  I’ll mix 4 days of bike trainer sessions with a couple days of weights, a bit of yoga, and in a few weeks I’ll be ready to take on more intensity and duration.  For now, the last thing I need is more food – and especially carbohydrates – in my diet.

It’s a common mistake to think that with the increase in activity to add more calories. The added work being performed by my body at these prep levels can adequately be handled by my existing caloric consumption and existing fat stores.

My dietary guidelines for this prep phase will be to incorporate one of my shakes each day as a meal replacement, and keep the other two meals in proper balance for muscle building, fat-burning, and cellular repair and recovery.  That should guarantee effective energy for training and get all other systems ready to rock when the intensity ramps!

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