June 12, 2010

Detox Monday

Monday morning three weeks post Ironman St. George and time to start pulling it back together.

For the next six weeks my training will be cycling focused with the goal of building leg strength.  In conjunction I’ll periodize my diet in order to lower my overall body fat and improve my body’s ability to metabolize fat for fuel.  To kick start this process this week will be a ‘Detox Week.’

The detox plan is pretty simple.  For the next week I’ll focus on the following:

  1. Eating lean proteins, fresh fruits & vegetables, and quality fats
  2. Eliminate alcohol, sugar, dairy, and exogenous carbohydrates and minimize caffeine
  3. Replace one meal a day with a shake/blended drink and take some professional quality supplements

Since my training in the third week out from an Ironman is strictly aerobic/base building putting some discipline back into my eating is important.

At this point after an Ironman my metabolism is still burning fat at a pretty high rate and I want to keep it that way.  The best way for me to maintain my metabolic gains is to put a little dietary discipline back into my life.  The way I see it is if doing something like a week without wine, cake, pasta, and coffee is so hard then perhaps I was using training as an excuse to eat too much instead of eating to support my body’s needs during training.

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