TriathlonExperts Leadership Team


Jay Zacharias
Jay Zacharias, President
USAT Certified Level I Coach
Ironman Certified Coach

“In 1981 I participated in a sprint distance triathlon while working as fitness instructor and have been hooked ever since…”

I created TriathlonExperts with the goal of helping athletes new to the sport, as well as experienced middle-of-the-pack age-groupers who view triathlon as more than a bucket list item to check off before they die. If you want to get better faster…. then you came to the right guy.

While my work is about developing self-paced triathlon training and nutrition guidelines for triathletes, I get my fix from training and racing long-course events. With over a dozen Ironman races under my belt (and lots more shorter ones), if I’m not at my desk researching and writing, I’m probably off in the hills doing repeats.
As a triathlete I’m a work in progress…with many days being a lot more work than progress. But that’s the challenge of triathlon…there’s always something you can improve.

Miriam Zacharias
Miriam Zacharias, Chief Nutrition Officer
Certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant
Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist

“Are you wrecking your training with the wrong food?”

I’ve spent the past 20 years of my life testing out just about every diet on the planet in order to learn about weight management, detoxification, and performance.  In my consulting work with scores of health practitioners and companies, I’ve figured out the secrets to all the above… and I can easily say that it’s pretty darned simple.

It was my love of healthy nutrition and for keeping Jay safe and strong through training that got me going with TriathlonExperts.com.   I share many of my lifestyle and dietary tips in my fun and easy-to-use guidebook for triathlon supporters, Fast and Faster.

In my day job, I teach holistic health practitioners how to make an impact (and a living) doing their life’s work!
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